Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services

Legacy Behavioral Health Services provides services to children, adolescents, and families who are dealing with behavioral health issues, emotional disorders, and substance abuse. Our team focuses on helping children and their families through the challenges they may face with group, family and individual counseling.

APEX Program

APEX is a state funded program dedicated to providing school based mental health services to children, adolescents and their families. Staff work closely with school staff to identify the needs of students and link them to the appropriate services.

The Seven Challenges Program

Designed specifically for youth with substance use problems, to motivate change, and to support success in implementing changes. This Program also helps with co-occurring life skill deficits, situational problems and psychological problems.


Clinicians use the whole person approach and refer individuals to additional services that are offered. They also may recommend and refer individuals and their families for psychological evaluations, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTFs), or specialists.

Treatment modalities

Treatment modalities vary depending on the individuals need, symptoms and stressors. Some treatment modalities used at Legacy Behavioral Health Services are aggressive replacement training, strengthening family’s concepts, seven challenges, cognitive behavior and trauma focused therapy. Parenting and/or caregiver sessions are available and provide families with psychoeducation, parenting skills and techniques to decrease and manage unwanted behaviors.